BowWag Kennels
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Boarding check list

 BowWag Boarding Checklist


____ I've already been for a tour of the facility, and talked to the staff about my pets care.

______ I've made my reservation, and confirmed it.

______ I’ve made sure my pet is up to date on all required vaccines, and I've either faxed my pets shot record to the kennel or have it with me to bring. (They are sticklers about that!)

_____I've got all instructions for my pet and any emergency numbers I want to leave

_____   I have enough food for my pets stay, in a container or bagged, and labeled.

______ I have any medications my pet takes, clearly labeled with my pets name, and with instructions for giving.

_____ I've decided which toy, and which treats, to bring for my pet.  I've picked toys that I won't miss if my pet chews them up or they get lost in the wash.

____ I'm thinking about all the fun stuff I can have them do while they are at the kennel

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